Thursday, July 5, 2007

Greenland Cooler today then in 1940

A new scientific study has just been complete by the Danish Meteorological Institute, which compiled temperatures records for Greenland for the last 250 years. The results of the study show that temperatures in Greenland today are in reality lower then they were in the 1940's, thus the temperatures have been on average stable there for the last 70 years.

Thier conclusions are on page 9.


Sezbet said...

Yup, no denying it. An interesting one.

Might I suggest this site to be clearer? -

It was written in 2007, so quite up to date.

With this conclusion -

'Although there has been a considerable temperature increase during the last decade (1995 to 2005) a similar increase and at a faster rate occurred during the early part of the 20th century (1920 to 1930) when carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases could not be a cause. The Greenland warming of 1920 to 1930 demonstrates that a high concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is not a necessary condition for period of warming to arise. The observed 1995–2005 temperature increase seems to be within a natural variability of Greenland climate.'

Trish said...

It bothers me that there are people out there, like yourself, who cannot even spell correctly, trying to debunk scientific facts. I did not read your article, I couldn't get past the spelling mistake in your TITLE!!!

Alexandru said...

Yes , there is so much mess, but that's the result of the actual economie style. That will be worse after Soros will implement he's plan.

StevenW said...

Trish, it bothers me that as a representative of climate change believers you can be so shallow. It is so easy to take a cheap shot, for example: It may interest you to know that Einstein was also a poor speller so we had better disregard everything he had to say as well should we not? Grow up.

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