Monday, March 24, 2008

NOAA Repots Worlds Oceans Cooling

NOAA 5 years ago decided that it would be a good idea to monitor our oceans temperatures since the Climate Warming Modelers all predicted that our oceans would show significant warming trends even higher then land air temperatures. In order to monitor the oceans temperature, NOAA launched 3000 robots in the oceans which would monitor the oceans temperature on a continuous basis and send the information back to NOAA scientists.

Here's the link to location of those robots.

So whats the outcome of this 5 year study....Ocean temperatures over the past 5 years have actually slightly decreased. That means no global warming. That means the main indicator of global warming that the IPCC has been so worried about has shown zero change in ocean temperatures.

But again when ever any information or scientific paper surfaces to contradict the myth of Global warming, the global warming alarmists squirm and actually try to find reasons why the reality does not match their predisposition to believe all things in their own flawed science.

One can't help but smile as these two scientists squirm in this NPR interview. Notice how they talk about how much there is to learn about our climate. Do you ever hear these same scientists parse thier words when it comes to talk about how the climate is warming?